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The Dangers Of Not Painting Your House

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You may not know this, but paint can actually protect your house from many different factors, and it might even help you save money in the long run.


Here are some things that can happen if your house is not painted frequently enough:



  • Weather damage:

Our home is constantly exposed to weather conditions and climate changes.  Here in San Diego, the sun can be intense for a big part of the year, which can cause a lot of damage to houses and buildings. Therefore, adding quality paint to it will protect the surface of your home from getting damaged for years to come.

At TruLine painting, we know how to protect your home against moisture and dust, too. They can slowly damage the walls over a certain period of time and there’s a good chance that you won’t notice until too late.



  •  Termite damage:

Termite damage is a major killer for wood-based homes; being able to identify this problem and correctly address it proactively is crucial if you want to save yourself some extremely expensive foundational repairs.

Evaluating your home’s siding before adding a fresh coat of paint can help you identify any possible insect damage early, and adding the paint itself can help stop an infestation in its tracks. Painting and staining seal off exposed areas that are prone to damage from termites and other wood-eating pests.



  • Damage to structural integrity:

Mold is a problem very common in houses all over the country. Mold and mildew can break down the structural integrity of your home’s wood surfaces. Unprotected wood is much more susceptible to water damage.

If your wood surfaces go unprotected, they can absorb water from rain and dew and begin to soften, swell and decay, thus leading to the replacement of boards or even entire decks or siding. Painting maintenance & upkeep may make a difference in the life of your painted surfaces. Both our interior and exterior painting protects your home for years to come.



  • Splinters:

Splinter is caused by many reasons, usually, them being due to the weather. Once they start, it’s hard to get them back to how they were before. In extreme cases, you may be able to save your toes from splinters and even add a year or two to the life of your wood deck or patio with products that are meant to permanently seal and resurface wood surfaces. However, patining it is the best way to prevent it from happening and keeping the wood healthy.






Don’t let your house get damaged when it can be prevented.

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5 Reasons Why People Say yes to TruLine Painting

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Deciding on which company to paint your project is the most crucial part of the painting process.  It is what separates a successful panting project from a failed one.


So, why is TruLine the best painting company in San Diego?


1- We only hire expert painters with years of experience.

Our painters are carefully selected to meet our standards: clean, organized, punctual, honest, friendly, hard-working, and honest.

They are trained to treat your home the best way they can- as if it was their own.  Our awesome painters are part of the TruLine experience.

San Diego Painting contractor


2-  We have over 325 online reviews.

We take pride in what we do, and that is reflected in our work. Our goal is to make houses in San Diego even more beautiful than they already are.

You can check out some of the before and afters here.

Before and after TruLine Painting job


3- San Diego Angie’s List Super Service Award

We have won Angie’s List Super Service Award for 3 years in a roll. This means that our customers are extremely happy with our services.

Our goal is to always provide a 5-stars experience to all of our customers.

TruLine Painting Angie's List Super Service Award


4- We know what we are doing.

We have been doing this for over 25 years, so we know exactly what we are doing.

Don’t waste your time with uninsured and flaky companies- the results will not turn out as expected, and you will lose money.

At TruLine, we are fully insured, which provides our customers with an extra piece of mind when working with us.

Uninsured painting contractorsInsured Paintor San Diego



5- 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

TruLine’s job is not done until our customers are fully satisfied with our service, plain and simple.

Instead of assuming that our customers are happy with the job, we go the extra mile and ask each one of them. Every painting job we do ends with a final inspection by you, our customer, and with a customer satisfaction survey to ensure nothing was left behind. If something is not the way you wanted, we will happily fix it until it looks perfect.

Happy San Diego TruLine Painting customer

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Check out some reviews from our awesome clients down here:

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Paying It Forward This Holiday Season

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The world would be a much better place if we all could “pay it forward” at some point.

TruLine Painting Has Raised Over $2,000 for ATPF

Curtis Gabhart, President of TruLine Painting, joined the telethon on #GivingTuesday to help Autism Tree Project Foundation (ATPF) raise $100,000 by midnight on Christmas Eve to sustain the 20+ free programs and services provided by ATPF to kids and families impacted by autism

Founded in 2003, Autism Tree Project Foundation (ATPF) is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to improving communities in San Diego County and The Bay Area by assisting with Education, Advocacy, Early Intervention Preschool Screening, Research and Mentoring for families impacted by autism.

TruLine Painting also sponsored a Holiday Party for a cause for the benefit of ATPF and raised funds and collected Toy Donations for ATPF’s 11th Annual Winter Wonderland.

Thank you to everyone who came and supported our cause. Your donations will make a huge impact on many children.

If you wish to donate for ATPF, click here.


Care Packages for the Homeless

Curtis Gabhart, President of TruLine Painting and Gabhart Investments organized an event on San Diego’s Rent Control and raised over $1,000 with the proceeds to be used to purchase care packages for the homeless people. On Christmas Day, Curtis Gabhart will be handing these care packages to the homeless people in San Diego.

We are still in need of small packs of basic necessities such as warm socks, toothbrush, toothpaste, snack bars, etc. These care packages won’t solve homelessness but they will let someone know that they are cared for on that day.

If you would like to donate or be involved, please contact us at 619-663-5878.

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