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The Most Common Interior Painting Problems

By July 18, 2019Blake Truline
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The Most Common Interior Painting Problems & Solutions

Here is a short list of the most common interior painting problems that we come into contact with on residential interior painting jobs.

Nail Holes

Apply caulk or putty and then paint them. Sometimes a light sand if needed to make it as even as possible. Paint will usually make this a lot better but if there was a nail hole there if you stand in front of it and look at it you will probably be able to find where it was.

Previous Patchwork

Usually specific to houses 10 years or older, homeowners or handyman may have attempted to patch a hole or crack and now there is flat but not textured putty or other substance. There are two options we can do: We can do a light sand to give appearance of texture and we can also use spray cans of texture. Keep in mind, it is impossible for a 100% accurate texture match, but we will absolutely try our best.

Dents and Cracks

Kids, dogs, and a million other things put small dents in walls, and when pictures and other things are taken off, often cracks are revealed. We run a line of caulk down the seam of the crack and spread a small dab of putty on the dents (unless homeowner prefers to just paint over small dents), smooth over, light sand, and texture if possible.

Items on wall and in House

Clients must have everything they can possibly move without straining themselves moved to center of room, If there are things firmly bolted into the wall such as large heavy murals, portraits, or Bolted TV’s, we cannot guarantee that they can be taken down, painted around, and re hung. Additionally, we are unable to move any electronics.


We can’t always guarantee that walls will look brand new. Two coats of paint will always make it look better, but if there are holes, cracks, patchwork, dents etc… it may be in the client’s best interest to call a drywall company first. We DO NOT MAKE ANY GUARANTEES AROUND THESE ITEMS EXCEPT THAT WE CAN LIKELY MAKE IT LOOK BETTER.


What we don’t do:

Wall paper removal

Popcorn ceiling removal

Artistic painting

Exact match colors

Come before other trades



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