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7 Major Benefits of Exterior House Painting

exterior house painting benefits

Exterior Home Painting Has An Endless List of Benefits

A new exterior paint job offers a whole lot more than making your home look pretty. Painting the exterior of your home can be one of the greatest investments you’ll ever make as an owner. Just like new windows offers multiple benefits like reduced energy cost, increased property value, temperature control, etc… an exterior paint job offers a homeowner a bundle of benefits. It’s time to brush up on your exterior painting knowledge!

Enhance Curb Appeal

Don’t underestimate the aesthetic value a fresh coat of paint can bring. Every time you pull into the driveway, you’ll feel a new sense of inspiration and connection to your home. Depending on your intention, you can use paints that will help you blend into your neighborhood, or you can go bold and choose to stand out, making your home the talk of the neighborhood.

Curb appeal isn’t just for you. If you’re planning on selling your home, you need to consider that the first thing a potential buyer will see is the exterior of your property. Setting the right impression from the start can lead to higher offers and more interest. If they enjoy the exterior, they’re far more likely to venture inside.

Increase Your Property Value

property value increaseRenovations are key to increasing property value, but not all of them offer the same return on investment. According to a recent US News article, a major kitchen renovation can yield as low as a 65% return on investment. An exterior paint job, on the other hand, can produce a return on investment of up to 140%.

exterior painting home benefits return on investment

Protect your home from the elements

exterior paint chipping

We are fairly fortunate here in San Diego to have little to no extreme weather, however, we do still get our fair share intense sunshine and also rain during wet seasons. Intense sun rays can lead to blistering, peeling, and cracking exterior paint. Over time, as the paint begins to crack and chip away, your home becomes much more exposed to the elements. This can be a major problem when intense rain or other moisture becomes introduced to the exterior.

Exposed wood is highly susceptible to issues like mold and mildew which can begin to break down the structure of your home.

A new coat of exterior paint can help seal off your home from the elements!


Keep the bugs out!


Termite Damage Exterior Home


Termites can be a major problem for wood-based homes. Being proactive in identifying a potential problem can save you thousands of dollars in structural damage. Assessing the condition of the siding of your home prior to painting can help spot any potential threats. In addition, adding a new coat of exterior paint has the additional benefit of sealing off any areas, which can stop an infestation in its tracks.

Bring Out Other Features

Exterior Home Painting

A fresh coat of paint that compliments your landscape, siding, roof, etc, can create a harmonious balance with the exterior of your home.

Extend the life of your siding

truline painting house siding


A new coat of paint can help to increase the life of your siding, regardless of the type (wood, vinyl, etc…). Even if the new paint only adds a few years of life to the siding, that could be potentially thousands of dollars saved. A fresh coat of exterior paint can also cover up any minor blemishes or minor wear on the siding. Note: house painting is not a suitable alternative to siding that has major damage or is in poor condition.

Finally, you will protect what is arguably your biggest investment- your home!

truline painting residential paintingFrom keeping out the elements to insects to extending the life of the exterior, painting your house is one of the smartest investments you can make. The inherent value of exterior house painting will have you enjoying its many benefits for years to come!


So you understand the benefits but what do you do next?

Well, there’s more to an exterior paint job than just deciding on the right color and applying it to your home. There are many things to consider to make sure the job is done right, but arguably the most important is making sure you have the right people for the job. Hiring a skilled painting contractor can save you time and ensure that your new exterior paint job will be consistent and long-lasting. When hiring a painting contractor, always look for someone who is licensed, insured, and has been in the business long enough to have a dependable reputation.


Interested in learning more about TruLine and how we can meet all of your painting needs?

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TruLine Painting has over 25 years of experience in residential exterior painting and strives to deliver a 5-star experience every time. You can rest assured knowing you will get only the highest quality exterior paint job. We proudly use only the highest quality paints from industry leaders like Sherwin-Williams, Dunn-Edwards and Benjamin Moore.

We understand that your home is a special place and that’s why we treat every job with the same level of care and compassion that we’ve become known for. We work directly with our customers to ensure 100% satisfaction every time. Give us a call at 619-663-5878 or click below to get your free estimate and let us help you transform your home!

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  • LindaB says:

    Blake Imperl, thanks! And thanks for sharing your great posts every week!

  • I really like what you said about painting siding no matter the material and how it extends the life of the siding. My husband and I have a red brick home, but the back of it is pale yellow siding, which is a color we are considering changing. Thank you for the information about how the new layer of paint can save you replacing the siding for a few years and save you thousands in the long run.

    • Blake Imperl says:

      I’m glad you found that information helpful! Be sure to check for other existing damage to the siding before painting, but if everything is ok, it can absolutely extend the life of your siding!

  • My husband and I want to redo the exterior of our home, but we aren’t sure what we should do. Your article had some great points about the benefits of exterior painting, and I really liked how you mentioned that paint can seal off area on your home that could be letting bugs in. We have had issues with termites in the past, so we’ll keep this in mind when redecorating our home exterior. Thanks!

  • Sherry Gajos says:

    Wow, I had never thought about how intense sun rays can lead to blistering, peeling, and cracking of exterior paint. I had recently noticed this type of damage on the outside of my house and I didn’t want to be that house that looks like it’s never taken care of, so I’ve been trying to decide how to handle it. Thank you for the information about how this damage can make the house vulnerable to the elements even more. I should probably get that repaired before the damage gets worse.

  • Thanks for explaining some benefits to painting the exterior of a home. I had no idea it could increase the life of the siding regardless of what type it is. That said, I wouldn’t mind knowing if some paint is better for certain types of siding to make it last even longer.

  • Derek Dewitt says:

    My wife and I have noticed the paint on our house starting to chip away. You make a great point about how paint helps protect your home from the elements. We might need to get a fresh coat painted on soon so we don’t risk damaging the house.

  • I appreciate your tip about how new paint on the exterior of you home can help you seal off the wood from the elements, protecting it from cracking and peeling in the sun or rain. My husband and I are noticing that the one side of our house out of the shade, the walls are starting to retain moisture. We’ll have to find a house painter that can get us the protection our home’s exterior needs to prevent heat and water damage to the wood over time. Thanks!

    • Blake Imperl says:

      I’m so glad you found this helpful, Olivia! Protecting your home’s exterior from the elements is so important!

  • Gerty Gift says:

    I liked what you said about extending the life of your siding. I have been thinking about repainting the exterior of our home, but we didn’t really think it would help our siding. It’s comforting to know that it will have an effect on our siding and help it to last longer.

  • The exterior look of my house became dull with the passage of the time. I was planning to paint my property to increase the curb appeal of my house. But after reading this blog I came across other six benefits that a person has after painting the exterior of his house. Thanks for sharing this information.

  • Wakefield says:

    These are very good reasons indeed to have the exterior of your house painted! Termites and weather conditions are my very main concerns as I have a wooden house. I agree, the very main benefit of painting is that to extend the life of the exterior. And indeed there’s more to an exterior paint job than just deciding on what color to use and applications, hiring a contractor would be a smart choice. Great points, perhaps you can share some more information or reviews on what are the best brand of paint to use.

  • Bree Ward says:

    I agree that a newly painted house exterior creates a harmonious balance within the property as I compliment the beaus of the landscape. I’m planning to repaint our house because it has been 10 years since its last exterior painting. Our house is becoming dull and less appealing. I will find a painting contractor soon to have the entire appearance of our property revamped.

  • That is nice that a new coat of exterior paint can seal a building off from elements. Maybe it would be good for a commercial building to be painted sometime soon. That is something I would want to have if I were a building owner to protect it.

  • Ethan Smith says:

    The exterior of the house is one of the first thing that eye of the visitor or guest catches when they enter in your property. Therefore, it should be attractive because it will be representing the style statement of the homeowner. For exterior house painting service, you can get in touch with professional painters within your area to get the desired results.

  • I liked that you explained that the weather can play a huge role in damaging the exterior of your home. I would imagine that there are different techniques and paint to use in which to prevent this. I will consider hiring a professional painter to help ensure the efficiency and longevity of my home’s exterior.

  • It makes a lot of sense how you said that you need to hire the right painting contractor for the job to take care of your job. My wife and I are wanting to get our house looking nice before we sell it and we would love to have someone to help us with it. We’ll have to hire a good painting contractor so there aren’t any mistakes and also, so we can talk to them about what colors would be good.

  • Ellie Davis says:

    I loved that you mentioned that a good exterior paint will give a better look to your house. There is nothing better for your mind than coming back home from work and seeing your beautiful house as an oasis just for you. As you mentioned it also adds value to your property in case you want to sell it later.

  • I like that you mentioned that painting the exterior of the house can increase your property value. My parents want to renovate their house and they have in mind changing the color of the house exterior. Thanks for the information about how hiring a skilled painting contractor can save you time and ensure that your new exterior paint job will be consistent and long-lasting.

  • Mia sophia says:

    You are sharing awesome information about exterior home painting benefits. I have a wooden house. I also agree with you. this is the main benefits of painting.
    keep it up bro. I will check your updates regularly and I also bookmarked your site.

  • Being able to elongate the life of your house siding is a nice benefit! I have been looking to help my house look great to help boost the curb appeal. I would love to get in touch with painting contractors to see how they can help my house look better.

  • WOW! really great content and helpful information here! Keep up the great work and keeping house painting professionals relevant! Nice job! : )

  • Mia Stewart says:

    I like how the article explains that exterior home painting can help to extend the life of your siding. We don’t want to have to replace our siding anytime soon. We will look into having someone come and paint our home’s exterior.

  • My mom thinks that our home looks old and worn out, so, she wants to have it repainted. It was explained here that painting the exterior of the house is one of the greatest investments that will give multiple benefits. Moreover, it’s recommended to hire professionals for quality residential painting services.

  • Thank you for all this great information about exterior painting! I never even thought it would be to identify different bugs that might be on your house. Since we always worry about our house, we will definitely have to remember to look for someone.

  • I liked that you said that one reason to consider hiring a professional painter to paint the exterior of your home is to ensure that it will be consistent and long-lasting. I have been thinking about painting my home myself but I am now worried that I will end up creating inconsistency that will decrease the value of my home. I will be sure to hire a professional to help me paint the exterior of my home correctly so that I can sell it.

  • I like how you explained how hiring a painting contractor will ensure that your new exterior paint job will be consistent and long-lasting. Personally, I believe that not just for houses but for the office where you work needs to be nicely painted to give a nice first impression to customers and employees. Thanks for helping me realize the importance of keeping well-painted a room or an exterior to feel more comfortable.

  • Clay Bolton says:

    I didn’t know that painting the house helps keep the bugs out, thanks a ton for the concise yet informative info!

  • Jenna Hunter says:

    I can imagine that it could be really nice for a business to get their building painted. Getting it done by a professional could be really helpful. Thanks for listing the benefits of painting the outside of a home.

  • That is nice that exterior painting could extend the life of your siding. Maybe it would be good to have someone paint my house. This is something I am going to look into for my siding soon.

  • Oh man do I love a good before and after! Nothing changes the whole vibe of your home like a good exterior paint job! Thanks for the great info!

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